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Wow, just wow

THis has got to be the best pico tribute I've ever seen. It's amazing how you were able to reflect the horrors pico would've actually gone through if he wasn't just a flash character but a real human being.

Freaking awesome.

Holy shit you made me cry

This really made me remember my dog. The story is pretty similar. She died about 2 years ago and even while she was being put to sleep she seemed to be worrying about me and my brother because we were crying our eyes out.

Thank you for this beautiful flash.


Why is he putting it into the back of a floating head?

Mechabloby responds:

The floating head is me and he is stabbing me with his cock.

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Very nice

Even though I suck at it. I encourage you to make more with more recent songs though.

Best game ever

I was wondering when the hell it would make to #1, I know it'll be pushed off, like all others, but this one deserves it, it's unique, and it's big, and I had about 2 hours of big fun playing it, and my saved game still stands, respect

You sick bastard, hahaha

just kidding, I laughed my ass off playing this, although not big of a turn-on, but I just couldn't stop laughing, hahaha

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Really nice

Sounds as something that could turn into a hit. Get some vocals in there, and this could turn into a hit. I especially liked the intro.
I'm wondering though, did you create this on the computer or did you recorded all instruments (either one at a time or all at the same tiem with a band)?

Couple of points of criticism though, as a drummer myself I always pay a lot of attention to it, so here's some criticism on it:
1. Make the snare drum sharper, it sounds as if they're almost turned off from the snare drum, it would sound way better (in my opinion) with the snares put on right on and straight. I'm talking about the "bonk" sound it keeps making almost the entire song (if that's a different instrument doing it, make it less dominant)
2. More diversity in the beats you put on the drums. They stay the same for pretty much the entire song, except for some symbals thrown in and a double stroke on the snare drum every once in a while. When you get to the bridge, make it rougher, and change it, perhaps open the hi-hat up but less base drum and more snare drum at a point like that.

All and all, a great song though, really great.

Soundshifter responds:

wow thank you so much man. and yes I, as a drummer myself as well(my first instrument), completely understand what your talking about...its just a real bitch programming very realistic drums, you need the good samples and fills and breaks and all that lol. whatever. thanks again dude


Great re-write

Very creative, especially how you switched to another style on this one, props to the person who rewrote the song to this

Chungadaddy responds:

That would be our guitar player. Creative guy that's for sure... Men! I do enjoy reviews so thank you so much for taking the time to vote and leave such a nice remark.


i like it, yes i do, it's a very calming song, but after some time it got extremely annoying, keep it up, but after some time, let it change

Say nigga wha-

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